Our special food items



A traditional dessert in Kerala. which is soo delicious.

Sarkara payasam

Usually served at the end of the sadhya. It is also an traditional dessert of Kerala

Pumkin paayasam

low in calories and insanely delicious party hit payasam

Rice payasam

delicious, rich and creamy indian dessert made with rice, milk and sugar.

Wheat payasam

wheat payasam is an inevitable dessert in most of the south indian dishes

Vermicelli payasam

most favorite dessert of Inddia and is the most integral part of kerala.

Tiffen items


Type of savoury rice cake,Orginating from the Indiansubcontinent,popular as breakfast food.


Type of pancake.It is a typical part of southern India and Srilankan diets.


Unleavened deep fried bread, eaten for breakfast or as a snack or light meal.


traditional cusine, orginating from Indian subcontinent. The food popular in Srilanka and India,also spreads to southeast Asia.


also known as roti,safati,shabaati,pulka and roshi


layared flat bread popular in southern India

Snacks item


backed dish with a savoury filling

Mysore Bonda

crisp fried,fluffy and light snack popularly served in karnataka and Andhra.

soan papdi

crisp, flaky and melt-in-your-mouth confection that send your taste buds into blissful journey with each bite.

masal vadai

popular Indian tea time snack. Which is crispy and crunchy.

ulundu vadai

It is south indian fritters with cruncy outside and soft interior


Spicy Pakisthani and Indian snack, they are great as starter for an Indian feast.

Sweet items


An Indian dessert usually made during festive time, they are usually served at occasions.

mysore pak

Indian sweet orginated in mysore. It is popular in Southern India.


Popular food in som parts of South Asia, West Asia and Africa


Sugar glazed deep-fried flaky dessert. Traditonal dessert from Indian Subcontinent


delicious melt in the mouth sweet made of rava or suji


various dense, sweet confections with roots in west India

meals items


Biriyani is the quintessential celebratory dish in India and a aromatic delicay that dazzles as a sublime

curd rice

popular in south Indian rice variety served with south indian meals

Lemon rice

lemon rice is a traditional south Indian recipe and quite ppopularss